We have actively been on the market since 2009. WKA Furniture and Construction has grown out of the company Retail Design Finland Oy. Specialize in complex equipment of social institutions, supermarket, restaurants, cafes, bars, cafeterias, food production in various formats and organization of fast food companies on a turnkey basis. We offer complete solutions for both the service spaces that need renovation as well as to the completely new ones. Our offers include construction and repair/renovation work necessary for the reconstruction of service spaces. Depending on the usage purposes of the service space, our company will provide the necessary furniture alongside with in-and outdoor advertising. In addition to that, we also offer and install a large range of products concerning inventory and equipment.


Each project will be approached individually, creating solutions based on the wishes, needs and possibilities of the client.

Consult us on planning the furniture, design, choice of materials and clolors. Let us create complete solutions together to put your ideas into practice.

We appreciate highly well-functioning cooperation and have created a strong partnership network throughout years to guarantee solution-based operation.

Mikk Koppel
Mikk KoppelPartnermikk@wka.fi
+372 51 338 03 est/rus/eng/fin
Ants Närep
Ants NärepPartnerants@wka.fi
+372 56 658 042 est/eng
Božo Kauric
Božo KauricDesignerbozo@wka.fi
+385 99 588 9045

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